Grouting Work Construction

Grouting work is one technique used intensively for soil improvement. The main function is to achieve a stronger, denser and less permeable soil or rock, reduce settlement of stratum and fill the void around lower ground structures.

This technique is to insert some kind of stabilizing agent into the ground by pressure grouting machine, the pressure forces the agent into the soil void around the injection tube after which the chemical agent or cement mortar reacts with the soil to form a stable mass as we desired.

Grouting Work Construction Gallery

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    Grouting Work

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    Grouting Method

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    Grouting Construction

What are the Applications of Grouting Work?

  • 1 Consolidation and curtain grouting for dam construction
  • 2 Backfill grouting for tunnel and other underground structure.
  • 3 Grouting for rock and ground anchor
  • 4 Chemical grouting for temporary soil stabilization, etc.